Scaplen’s court, museum & garden Poole will give you and your kids a great occasion to find out the rich history of the ancient port town. This is located at 4 High Street, Poole, Dorset, England. The newly redisplayed museum consists of 4 floors of archaeology, art and social history to give you information about the marvelous environment of Poole Harbour. The museum also owns a terrace that could give you a striking view of the harbour. Adults can be pleased to know that in addition to keeping their kids happy, there is also information and selected objects for adults on display, particularly in the part of living in Poole. The visitors can visit the Medieval Scaplen’s Court Museum during August. They can also visit its tranquil herb garden between May and September.

Facilities at Scaplen’s Court, Museum & Garden Poole

There is something amazing in Scaplen’s court, museum & garden Poole like a bronze age boat and an old steam fire engine that are available for everyone. The facilities in this place include restaurant onsite, snacks available, onsite shop, disabled toilets, baby changing, parking on-site, parking nearby, wheelchair friendly, and pushchair friendly. The opening hours are Monday through Saturday starting from 10:00 up to 16:00. On Sunday, the opening hours are 12:00 until 16:00. The admission is free.

Displays at Scaplen’s Court, Museum & Garden

The displays in Poole Museum consist of a historic street scene, an old fire engine, and general store. Scaplen’s Court Museum is next to The Poole Museum. It is used as a learning center for children. But, it is also open for public during the summer month of August. Scaplen’s Court Garden is a nice garden at the back of the building. This garden has a unique wall. It has been refurbished by the volunteers. You need to explore Scaplen’s court, museum & garden Poole in order to get a great experience.

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